Lauren Pumphrey


Producing work gives me the sensation of being a creator of beauty and the ability to express my imagination from observing the world around me. My subject matter primarily deals with the playful relationship between nature and humans. I manipulate images of natural elements such as vegetation and anatomical structure creating my own utopian environments. I show the beauty of nature in a fantastical way teetering between realism and abstraction. Using a rich full palette of lush color I like to render some parts of my composition and leave other spaces flatter to give a push and pull interpretation. I creatE my own anthropomorphic figures and place them in arcadian settings gathered from my self-conscious and perceptions of my experiences. Through my exploration, I take a traditional approach using oil paints on canvas and wood panels to render lush interpretation of foliage and floral. I am intrigued in constructing my own worlds using landscapes with fictional figures with abstracted forms that suggest foliage, bones, trees, and other vegetation. I want their forms to enhance the saturated colors, movements and direction of line. Using the whole spectrum of intense vibrant saturated colors, I want to transport the viewer to a very playful, lighthearted, utopia inside a fictional setting. By gathering images from the world around me I photograph nature then collage many images together. I like to create a frame structure around my composition to give a voyeuristic outlook to the viewer. I construct a framing devise often in the form of an arbor or floral gate to direct the viewer to peer into. Driven by music, my work is infused with passion and vibrates throughout the composition bringing the piece to life.


  • Painting and Drawing